This is a picture I took of my children about 10 years ago.  I am sharing this from my personal album because it means so much to me.  Look at the being to the left of my daughter and the rainbow light on her.  That light showed up on many pictures of her through the years. 

This is a picture I took of my children about 10 years ago.  I am sharing this from my personal album because it means so much to me.  Look at the being to the left of my daughter and the rainbow light on her.  That light showed up on many pictures of her through the years. 

Crop circle

West Woodhay Down, Nr Inkpen, Wiltshire, England. Reported 29th July

Crop circle


West Woodhay Down, Nr Inkpen, Wiltshire, England. Reported 29th July

Conscious Creation

Wondering how to consciously create your world?  The first step is to pay attention to your thoughts that tend to be unconscious.  During the day where do you find your thoughts moving to?  What where you just thinking about?

Your thoughts and feelings are important in your creations.  So take time to see where your thoughts are going.  Do your thoughts tend to jump around?  Are they hard to follow? 

Pay attention to your thought process, each thought is creating your next thought which creates your next moment.  Try an experiment, set your timer on your phone for every 2 hours.  When the timer goes off take a minute and follow your thoughts backward.  What were you just thinking about and what about before that.  Do this for fun, do not judge your thoughts, just observe them.  This will help you start to consciously create.


The fascination with the internet and the ability to access information in seconds is our present reality.  The news hits Twitter, Facebook, TV or other media and within minutes everything you could ever want to know about the situation or event is right there.  People are able to react to the information online instantly.  Our society values the knowledge and the ability to tell others that they know what is going on in the world, they know more information on a certain subject than others.  They like to talk about how they know what is best way to manifest or market.  They read it online or in a book so they become an authority on the subject. 

We take all this available information for granted.  Think about this, 110 years ago most people in the United States did not own any books and if they did, it was usually the Bible.  They had limited, if any education and knowledge beyond their trade. Education past 8th grade was reserved for the elite.  

History has shown us that knowledge is power.  If you have the knowledge of the secrets of the Universe you have power over the masses.  The secret societies and religious institutions throughout time have held the deep mysteries close so only the privileged few understood the knowledge.  

Our society has a superficial attachment to education and intelligence but knowledge tends to be limiting.  One can spend their whole lives accumulating knowledge.   This seems like a worthy goal to many.  You can get a good job that pays more if you have the proper knowledge.  If you can spit out code to create computer programs, apps and games you have job security.

Where are the visionaries that are able to take the knowledge and create wisdom?   Who are the wise elders we go to when we need guidance or support?   There are the knowledgeable experts who lack wisdom but claim to have all the answers.  They only see what their own intellect offers, not the wisdom that may be shared.  What is the difference between 1900 and today?  Access to knowledge (and, thank God, flushing toilets!) which is available to even the poorest person through their local library.  Is this knowledge creating wise leaders?  We have access to so much but is it really educating people to think outside the box?  Where are the wise children who see the bigger picture?

Wisdom is a gift to everyone.  We can accumulate knowledge but it is when you transform the knowledge into wisdom that the world benefits.  The ability to see the bigger picture is wisdom.  In some Native American cultures, their wise men and women shared the understanding that what you do matters.  Gathering an understanding of the little things in nature aided one in the ability to see the bigger picture and develop wisdom of how the world works.  It helped them in choosing where to live and how to survive.

The wise comprehend the Oneness which means that what happens to one person effects the all.  They are able to find the mystery behind the words and subtle actions of others.  They are able to bring forth the information and feed it to others on many levels without needing to give the facts.  They see that the world is subjective and what we perceive comes from our past experiences.  The wise ones understand the importance of waiting patiently for those who will listen to follow through.  They are able to share their wisdom without sounding superior.  They see and realize their connection to the Universal all and each sentient being.  The wisdom holders are each one of us if we look deep within.

Knowledge is great but what is the wisdom you have gathered with all your knowledge?  Who are you sharing this wisdom with?  What are you doing with the information you gathered yesterday?

Universal Sunglasses


The Universe is constantly flowing and it tends to help us be aware of what we need to learn and understand in so many diverse ways.  These signs are sometimes very visible and we cannot miss them, other times they are extremely clandestine and may elude us if we are not paying attention.  There is one thing I can guarantee; there are signs everywhere, all the time!  What does that mean for the average spiritual aspirant?  That means we can be open to learn to trust and recognize these signs while retaining a healthy skepticism.  It also means that if one is in the moment and open,there will be signs everywhere, all the time.
The sign that showed itself to me recently was the sign that ANYTHING is possible, the universe is abundant and we can create our lives.  Yes, I already knew all of that but what I realized is that I take it for granted.   I should still see the wonderment and amazement of every situation.  So today I am going to share with you an extraordinary experience. 
I know, unequivocally, that everything comes back to me.  Many times, if it is something I really need, I just ask my guides to show me where the missing item is and I receive an image or location and it is almost always there.  Being a mother I am great at locating things my children misplace the same way.  I have also done this for clients, it is fun to do.  I tell them to assume it will come back to them.
Recently, I misplaced my sunglasses but I could not understand how that happened.   I knew they would show up so I let it go which usually allows things to come back to me. My sunglasses are kept in my car and if I bring them anywhere I usually leave them in my purse.  They were an inexpensive pair so I was not stressing over not having them although I need them when I drive so I picked up another inexpensive pair. 
A week or so later I was teaching my Intuitive Development class.  When class was over I walked toward the back of the room and looked on the table and saw my sunglasses.  I said “Where did these come from?”  One of the students, Nancy, said that Dawn, from class, left a pair of sunglasses in her car and when she looked under the passenger seat there were two pair and neither one of them were Nancy’s.  Nancy brought them both in because she was unsure which pair were Dawns. 
How does a pair of sunglasses become a spiritual phenomenon?  Here is the wild part of the story!  I knew they were my sunglasses because they looked identical,  the hinge was loose, and I have had them for many years.  How did my glasses get into Nancy’s car?  I have never been in Nancy’s car!!  Somehow those glasses were placed right next to Dawn’s sunglasses as if carefully orchestrated, without any of our intervention or manipulation.  My sunglasses came back alright and I would never have guessed they would be in someone’s car that I have never been in.
What does this story mean to us, as people trying to create our reality?  It means that if we want something it is always there for us, the universe is abundant.  We do not need to manipulate and scheme to get what we want or desire, if we believe and trust in ourselves and the universe the perfect thing happens, in perfect timing.  If we are certain of what we want we allow the universe to bring it to us.  The sunglasses are a minor but accurate representation of what is possible.  This story is showing us on a small scale what is possible on a larger scale.  If sunglasses can materialize under a seat that has never had the fortunate experience of having my butt sitting on it, than ANYTHING is possible!!   Do you get it, anything!!!!  How exciting is that??
I believe that the Universe is always in the Flow, there is no other way the Universe can be.  It is in constant motion and is always flowing flawlessly.  When things run smoothly in our lives we are allowing the flow of the Universe and we are consciously riding along.  When we try to manipulate or control the Universe (or our lives) we are in resistance.  If we are resisting the flow than we are resisting the Universe and things become harder or less manageable which creates drama and chaos. 
In all of our manifestations and creations we are either in the flow of the Universe of resisting the flow, there is no other way!  What are you resisting today?  What did you resist yesterday?  I really started getting this while working on my issues of control with Reference Point Therapy™.  RPT or Reference Point Therapy™ allowed me to recognize what I was trying to control.  LOL  That is a joke!  There is no control, there is only a false sense of control but that is another story! 
My creations and manifestations have been becoming incredibly instantaneous and remarkable since starting
Reference Point Therapy™, an alternative healing technique and doing the wonderful coherence that goes along with it.  You cannot imagine the centered, expansive Oneness I feel.  I believe that this is why those sunglasses came back to me in such a miraculous way.  I recognize my power when I am One with the Universe and how we can Flow together in perfect harmony.
I Know that this is available to everyone, we all have the ability to work and flow with the Universe.  You have the means to be in the flow so be in the flow today!
I was in the middle of writing this blog and another incredible thing happened to me.  I will share that soon!!
Much Love and Creation,

Jumping Timelines

Every day we are creating our own experiences, our realities and our world. Many are unaware of the power that they have in their creations. We are not victims of random events. We are in control and in the driver seat of their own lives. A timeline is the events that are unfolding and being created in our lives. These events are happening because we are creative beings, we live to create!  The only reason why we create is because we use our emotions or emotional body to create.  All creation happens through emotional energy.  I will talk more about that later.

The other day I received a phone call from client who had an intuitive reading the week before. She explained to me that she was disappointed in her reading because it was so different from the reading she had the prior year. So much had changed in that year because of her choice to jump a timeline.

Last year she was dating a man who is completely unavailable. In that reading it was obvious that she was ready to move past the Mr. Unavailable and open up to a new romantic partner. At that time I did see a new man coming into her life.

When she called for reading her whole life had changed. She had a new baby from the Mr. Unavailable. She was asking about a new man in her life again and I did not see anyone in the near future. She was very disappointed this because the year prior there was a new man coming into her life.

What I saw was that she wanted the Mr. Unavailable in her life and that she chose to push the new man away. When I mentioned this her she said to me “in a very emotional moment I prayed and said that I could not imagine my life without Mr. unavailable. I always wanted him in my life, no matter what!” What she did was emotionally manifest a new timeline. She was moving forward in a different timeline and once she realized that the Mr. Unavailable would no longer be in her life, she panicked and jumped timelines. She says that she wants a new man of her life but what she received was what she really wanted which was to hold on to Mr. Unavailable. It shows how powerful we are as creators. If she was excited and chose to move forward in a new way, her life would look very different now. She jumped the timeline she was on in one quick emotional outburst!

She actually created a child so that she would never have to live without him. She got her wish didn’t she?  Over the next 21 years Mr. Unavailable will be in her life, no matter what.  Now she will never have to live without him.

Wow!  Timeline jumping is so powerful!  We create our timeline just as we create our reality.  What are you creating today?
PS I love you!


I believe in Lightworkers, I believe that people are ready to raise their vibrations.  Ascension is about our enlightenment and raising our vibration, while in the body, to match the natural vibration of our soul.   As a whole, humans are ready to become more enlightened, becoming a higher vibration on Earth. The illusion of time and space puts us in a place that will keep us running in circles. Running in circles keeps us and everything else in the illusion. Because we think the illusion is real we get caught up in the denseness of the Earth which keeps us from ascending.  We know that part of us is ready to completely embody the soul self within the physical body. It is time to deal with the illusionary problems in our life so that we may be our true essence, while living in a physical body. Are you ready for your calling; are you ready for the ascension?

“With equanimity you can deal with situations with calm and reason while keeping your inner happiness. “   The Dalai Lama 

Equanimity is the ability to stay focused and aware of a situation without being triggered by it with emotions which may run in many different directions.  It is the calm you notice some people have in the middle of disaster.  They feel compassion and love but are secure in knowing they are present in the situation without letting the situation knock them off balance. Equanimity is what we feel when we have raised our vibration.  This is the ascension process.  I know this is what our true nature is, all we have to do is realize it and allow that Light to shine through.

We have incarnated at this time and space we are ready to shed the lie of suffering and live in Love. Fear may hold us back but there’s a part of us that is ready for our Lightwork. Your true nature is that Light being, it is all that we are and we are ready for our ascension.  As a Lightworker we’ve come here to spread light, not fear! 

We are the Light so it is time to ascend to higher realities and higher dimensions through the planes of existence and other universes. We came here knowing this would be our life path so be aware when we get caught up in the illusion.  When we get caught up in daily drama we get distracted from our path and the truth. Honor, love and respect yourself, your fellow Lightworkers and the earth by being the light and ascend to be the Light being you know you are.

Vibrations and Frequency

The Universe is energy.   This energy vibrates and creates all things we are aware of and unaware of.  It is electricity, sound, radio waves and the undiscovered frequency energy science is trying to find.  This means that the vibrational frequency in which we vibrate will attract that vibration to us and vice versa.  What are you attracting with your thought and feeling vibrations?

All matter in the Universe consists of energy waves which vibrate at different rates of speed.  Matter is made up of a molecular structure and space, therefore, science will tell you that no object is really solid; it just vibrates at a speed that makes the object appear solid.  That object is made up of atoms and quarks moving at a certain rate of speed so it gives the impression of solidity.  The ancient masters and sages would tell you that this world is an illusion, nothing is real.  The illusion is directly influenced by our thoughts and feelings which sends out a vibrational frequency and creates what we experience. 

In other words, the object in front of you is vibrating atoms and space which is directly influenced by you and those around you. We exchange energy between all things and experience the world through that energy exchange.  This can be considered electromagnetic energy which means we are energy that attracts or magnetizes like energy. This is why our observation directly affects the object being observed.  See for more information of this affect.  Since our thoughts have the power and the strength of creation the thoughts and beliefs either raise or lower our vibration. What one watches on television, the people around them, what one eats and music all have a direct effect on ones vibrational frequency. 

Who is Melissa Feick?

Inspiration comes from a place of knowingness and higher consciousness.  Inspiration, empowerment and love is how all creation happens.  I believe that we are here to support and inspire each other to create a better world.  It is never about us, it is always about the bigger picture.

Inspiration comes from a place of knowingness and higher consciousness.  Inspiration, empowerment and love is how all creation happens.  I believe that we are here to support and inspire each other to create a better world.  It is never about us, it is always about the bigger picture.